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Amie Ryan


Green Shoes Mean I Love You – Humor, Essays

Meet Amie Ryan, the Seattle writer whose viral smash The Seattle NO was read by over a quarter million. In Green Shoes Mean I Love You Ryan will delight readers with her wickedly accurate take on her hometown where people give Seattle NOs instead of regular ones, do the You Go dance, are Bundy Affected, and live Weather Vicariously. But Ryan doesn’t stop there. Rare is the collection that includes disco wars and disappearing Liz Taylors, Generation X and a mother who insists Elvis Presley and Elton John are the same person. This collection will make you laugh and cry and then laugh some more. Available in paperback only.



Starfish on Thursday – Humor, Essays

Amie Ryan’s second collection, Starfish On Thursday, contains 23 essays about American culture. From America’s fascination with child beauty pageants to telemarketers, gifted programs to school shootings, garage bands and the racial climate of the early 1970s. Ryan casts her keen eye on the way we act and the choices we make. As she did in her first collection, Ryan demonstrates the ability to reach close and make the reader laugh and cry and think. Available in paperback and ebook format.



Secrets From The Star Jar – Humor, Essays

In Secrets From The Star Jar, Seattle storyteller Amie Ryan continues her love affair with American culture. In this diverse collection of 23 stories (some funny, some serious) readers will discover a world filled with roller rinks, rat-faced criminals, hippie students, and devious birds. Fans of her two previous collections, Green Shoes Mean I Love You and Starfish On Thursday, will recognize Ryan’s familiar style, as bold and satisfying as the coffee in her hometown. Available in paperback and ebook format.



MARILYN: Loved By You – Memoir, Biography

MARILYN: LOVED BY YOU was a #1 bestseller in its category on Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Amazon France. Readers will enjoy reading a thoroughly researched history of Marilyn Monroe set against the backdrop of the very life and times in which the story takes place. Filled with lush details and dozens of photos, many of them previously unseen, this story examines the star’s early childhood, her struggle to achieve fame in Hollywood, her many romances, her addiction, and gives the most accurate and complete explanation and timeline for the star’s death that is available in any book today. This biography is available in paperback and ebook format and is a must for any Marilyn Monroe fan.


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