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Ann Snizek

plot holes

A Fiction Writer’s Guide to Plot Holes: Steer Clear of the 6 Most Common Manuscript Disasters (Writing Hacks 101 book 1) – Nonfiction- Writing resource/reference

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, this book can help you become successful in completing your writing goals.

Have you ever wanted to write a story?
Do you have ideas jotted down here and there?
Did you start writing, but could only come up with a few scattered scenes and don’t know what to do with them?
Are you tired of struggling with a manuscript in pieces?
Is there a blinking cursor on your screen and you just don’t know how to collect your thoughts to even begin writing anything?

Plot holes shatter the flow in the projects of countless writers, but there are ways to repair them, conquer the often devastating pitfalls of the writing process, and save the wondrous book you’ve envisioned. Captivating your audience with a powerful plot is within your reach, no matter how riddled your manuscript is with holes right now. Author Ann Snizek targets plot basics and shows you a fresh way to approach the damage that plot holes cause to the smooth ride of your manuscript as you improve your writing skills.

Avoid the agony of trapped characters by noticing the warning signs of the hazardous ‘plot holes’ that drive our stories off course to plummet into the abyss of forgotten dreams. Revive your excitement as you triumph over the obstacles and explode with renewed passion as you fulfill your goal of producing an amazing book that you can treasure.

Inside this writing guide, Snizek will show you:

How the basic plot works
How to map the plot holes & uncover their causes
Links to great writing tools & techniques
How to develop creative strategies
How to repair the plot holes

What this guide is NOT:

A guide to road construction
Intended as a highly academic book
A murder mystery
About animal husbandry
Or a marital aid

A Fiction Writer’s Guide to Plot Holes is a quick, easy to follow writing resource for your library and writer’s toolbox, leading you down the road to a completed manuscript your readers will enjoy. Snizek also offers practical writing solutions in the form of fresh writing hacks to activate your brain so you can steer clear of those looming plot holes.

Organize the pieces of your story, fill in small holes, bridge the huge gaps, and discover the satisfaction of completing your writing project.

Don’t forget to collect your two FREEBIES! These extra gifts are intended to assist you in your amazing journey as a writer. Details about how to claim your freebies are hidden in the book. You’ll have to get it to see what secret treasures await you.

Save your manuscript. Save your fiction novel.

What are you waiting for? Jump into the driver’s seat and enjoy your writing journey.


For: Giva de Vine (Payton Chronicles Book 2) – YA Paranormal, Sci-Fi

Sisters drawn together… that could split the world apart.

All Eris Payton wants is a happy, loving, and most important… complete family. However, she must search them out – one at a time – to piece her family and her past together. When news of Giva reaches her, Eris jumps at the opportunity to reunite with her estranged twin, but as she travels to Giva’s last known location her life spirals even more out of control. While her memories blend with those of her sister, the bond between them starts to heal, but it could cost her life. Uncovering more bizarre truths about herself and the world around her, Eris must discover the strength and courage buried deep within.

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