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Book of the day: 24th December 2019 – FREE today

Two Turtledoves

Two Turtledoves: A Short Story-Daydreams And Nightmares Of A Broken Synesthete – Short Story, Horror What happens when you mix …

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Book of the day: 19th December 2019 – eBook FREE today

1 WarsandWords

Wars and Words – Military History, Adventurer & Explorer Biographies, Military History of the United States I never met my …

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The Adrian Musgrave ‘Wars and Words’ Interview

11 WarsandWords

Welcome again… Thanks for inviting me back. We understand that you are republishing Wars and Words, the title book in …

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Book of the day: 17th December 2019

Mirrors Of Life COVER EBOOK Small

MIRRORS OF LIFE: What is your life in the mirror? – Adult Literary Fiction In the mixed days of happiness …

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Book of the day: 16th December 2019


Death in Focus: Passion and photography meet a multimillion-dollar cover-up and murder. (Casey and Carval Book 1) – Crime, Police …

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Book of the day: 15th December 2019


Attrition: The First Act of Penance (Three Acts of Penance Book 1) (Fantasy, Young Adult) The Demonic Dominion has held …

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Book of the day: 14th December 2019

TPWM.front Copy

The Problem with Mistletoe (mm romance, holiday romance, Christmas romance, LGBTQ romance, gay romance, romance) A Gay Christmas Romance! David …

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Book of the day: 12th December 2019

Causality 2

Causality – Space Opera, Science Fiction and Saga “For anyone that will listen. I would like to tell you a …

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Book of the day: 11th December 2019

Ride My Highway

Ride My Highway – Action & Adventure, Travel Fiction Ride My Highway tells the story of Tom Jackson, who is …

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Book of the day: 10th December 2019

Runner Boy

Runner Boy (Young Adult, Dystopian) What if the lights go out—and never come back on? When an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) …

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