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Bea St. Lee


Naughty Victorian Days (LGBTQ+, Mystery, Alterative History, Fantasy)

What could make a woman weep forever?

The inhabitants of the teeming city of Landan are readying for King Victor’s jubilee. But, away from the bunting and souvenir tea-towels, a conspiracy is brewing. People are killing themselves for no apparent reason. A man has gone missing. And Vividia Whistful, a rich heiress, is afflicted by a strange magic that has left her crying silently and ceaselessly.

Daniel Gleason and William Bumard, two down-on-their-luck clerks, are drawn into this mess. Joined by streetwise prostitute Sally, and an orphaned servant known as The Boy, the search pulls them into the hidden underbelly of the capital. They will discover dangerous mysteries, and they will all be forced to reveal secrets of their own.

This mystery adventure features graphic sex, queer romance, a touch of fantasy and intrigue.

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