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Book Launches

You’ve written your book, and the release date is fast approaching. Feel like you need a helping hand to get the word out – without breaking the bank? We’re here. Panic over.

We have two new book launch options. There are, as you’ll see from our site’s menu, a 90-day and a 30-day option. We’re trying to cover both the short and the long game.

The prices can be found at 90-day and 30-day, and both packages include:

A selected number of tweets (5, 10 or 15 per day) for the duration to our 100,000+ followers
An interview for the launch, both here and at
A selected number of Book of the day postings

Prices normally start from only $20, but this month you can save 30%! Don’t delay booking in though – we’re already closing out future dates.

Many Thanks

Tom, the team, and 100,000 potential readers.

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