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Book of the day: 10th November 2019

Novel Maker

novel maker

The Novel-Maker’s Handbook: the no-nonsense guide to crafting a marketable story

Are you struggling to turn your great idea into an even better novel? Learn how to craft a compelling story right from the start.
Is your dream of writing a novel sitting in a desk drawer or in a forgotten folder of your computer? Have you spent countless hours on endless draft revisions without making much progress? Have you given up hope of writing a manuscript you can truly be proud of? Today’s the day to take charge of your writing career. Let veteran book editor Diane O’Connell show you how.

Drawing on her years of experience working with novelists for a major publishing house, O’Connell’s guide is a must-read if you want to improve your storytelling. While most books on writing are written by authors, the award-winning The Novel-Maker’s Handbook is different. Experienced editors know that successful books aren’t just about technique. You need to create a compelling story arc and pitch it in a way that gets noticed. O’Connell’s gem is the only book that provides first-time novelists with a proven system for writing a book in less time while improving all facets of your storytelling.

In The Novel-Maker’s Handbook, you’ll discover:
How to write your novel with ease to get your book right the first time
How to fully understand the techniques needed to polish your novel into a must-read
How to draw from the tactics of bestselling authors to write your own page-turners
How to identify your weak spots and exactly what to do to fix them
How to build life-long skills as a writer, and much, much more!
Whether you want to prepare for National Novel Writing Month or simply try to improve your craft, The Novel-Maker’s Handbook will help you grow in your quest to become a published novelist. If you like straightforward, insightful, and razor-sharp writing guides, then you’ll love Diane O’Connell’s career-changing book.

Buy The Novel-Maker’s Handbook to start building your great novel today!

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