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Book of the Day: 11th February 2020

Rites Of Passage

rites of passage

The Sawyer Shepherd Chronicles: Rites of Passage (The Chronicles of Sawyer Shepherd Book 1) – Supernatural, Young Adult

An ancient evil, a teenager on the run from a tragic past, and a collision course with destiny, fate, or maybe something else entirely.

Sage City Colorado is a beautiful but struggling town. Its mining history has dried up, leaving it only with a dark local legend that may just be more history than myth. But an East Coast developer named Lucius Furr and his team, including Lennox Dupree and Elena Cordova, might just bring salvation- or awaken a long-dormant evil.

Sawyer Shepherd, an eighteen-year-old orphan on a road trip of self-discovery- and running from a tragic past- finds himself caught up not only in Furr’s plans for the small town but also an ancient and epic battle between good and evil. Guided by locals Eli Romer and Mandy Jane, Sawyer will seek to overcome the demons of his past while also trying to survive a real-life demon that seems to seek only to consume. Or is it also trying to open the door for an even greater and more powerful evil? The first book in the Sawyer Shepherd Chronicles (and first novel by author Chad Lehrmann) introduces you to a world where demons take the form of monsters and a small number of people act as “shepherds” for the rest of us by offering protection from the supernatural “wolves” that are hunting us. Equal parts humor, horror, and heart, you will find heroes to cheer, villains to fear, and mysteries to unravel as you explore a world where destiny may not be all that it seems.

Author Chad Lehrmann introduces us to a world not terribly different than our own, but with supernatural forces lurking in the depths of the earth– and perhaps even walking amongst us. Fans of the television show Supernatural or young adult novels such as the Harry Potter or Percy Jackson series will find relatable characters thrust into far from ordinary experiences. Sawyer Shepherd, Mandy Jane, and Eli Romer provide readers of a variety of ages a person to connect with as they journey with the heroes to survive a terrifying ordeal, save a city…and maybe even the world.

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