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Book of the day: 16th March 2020



Redemption – Contemporary Romance

When Crystal met Zane five years ago, sparks flew instantly. She knew he was the one for her. Zane was everything she wanted in a man, and in a father for her daughter. But internal turmoil caused Crystal to pack up everything, including her daughter, and leave Zane and Virginia behind.

Five years later, a chance encounter causing old wound to re-open and past hurt to resurface between both. Zane’s livid and demanding answers. But will answers just be enough? When lies, obstacles and a little family drama turns their journey into a trying one, can their love smooth things over? Can Crystal learn to let go of the past, and find her Redemption? Can Zane love Crystal through her pain?

This Book is a Standalone with and H.E.A. Warning: Mature audiences advised. For 18+ reading

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