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Book of the day: 17th November 2019

Co Bully

co bully

CO-BULLY No More: and become Co-Dependent Free

Today we hear a lot about the BULLY. But who are those people that suffer, tolerate or are affected by another person’s aggressive, manipulative or demeaning behavior. Not everyone tolerates bullying behavior.

I would like to introduce the term CO-BULLY or Target the person who is affected by another person’s unwarranted behavior and give a voice, support and awareness to them.

This book will help the co-bully as it clearly sets out and explains their role in a relationship which will create awareness to develop skills of self-empowerment. YOU don’t have to accept or tolerate any inappropriate behavior towards you as the norm.

“It is a rare author that writes on the violence of silence and how those who are passive need as much help, understanding and support as those who bully”.

Dr. Tony Humphreys, Consultant Clinical Psychologist. Author, National & International Speaker.

“This is a very convincing and a very moving book”.
“This book very rightly calls a halt and does so in an effective way”.

Dr Niall Hickey. PhD, HDSGC, HDip in Ed. Accredited Psychotherapist & Founder of (IPTN) Irish Poetry Therapy Network, IRELAND

A healthy relationship or environment would not put YOU in a position of FEAR.

Nobody has the power to lessen your presence,
unless YOU think they have.
Holding that thought is what lessens YOU.

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