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Book of the day: 23rd March 2020

The Iron Gift

The Iron Gift

The Iron Gift – Fantasy, Dark Fantasy

The graceful sun rises on a newly made hunter and sets bitterly upon an orphan.

At the edge of annihilation, lost, and alone, Xina, daughter of Teiko, is rescued by the adventurous Iron Gift as they return to their mountain home in Ferro Point. Xina finds herself in a foreign land of aging knights and frozen mud. Under the protection of the inspiring Lady Josephine, Xina sets out to find her purpose in a new life.

But hope is a perilous concern for a girl of fourteen, and the call of justice cannot be ignored.

Now, in the Forest of Death, Xina will confront the banality of goodness. Honor is a lie, draped across slaves. Bravery is the tantrum of a pinhead, and reality itself is a grave.

Never keep promises to the dead…

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