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Book of the day: 23rd November 2019

Laser Therapy

laser therapy

Low-Level Laser Therapy For Physical Therapists – Skills Development (Health)

This is the Second edition of a popular practical book on Low-Level Laser Therapy dedicated to a technical skills development framework for all practitioners of medicine, sports, spas and cam. It releases new aspects of photomedicine in its support to gene therapy, lymphatics, sports and systemic diseases. It shows a segment of invention dedicated to treating malignancy also. The lymphatic section can support the prevention of diseases as breast cancer and correction post-cancer. This is Everyman’s book. It is written in collaboration with Jan TunĂ©r, who is a world-famous editor, author and leader in this scientific field.

The book covers keynotes of Influencers and scientific leaders as Tiina Karu, Michael Hamblin, Pekka Pontinen, Oshiro, Nogier and Michael Weber. This book is an illustrated guide for an optimized therapeutic response with controlled SOAP. It also shows the futuristic and absolute recovery potential of systemic disease, without drugs, which makes it a possible hope for the future of medicine. The interior of this book provides technical and illustrated data on stages of therapy, anatomical approach, complementary and alternative sciences for plan of care. The book shows range in process and therapies, and it covers pain management, sports rehabilitation, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage and reconstruction and even intravenous laser. It covers all verified clinical and approved knowledge on acupuncture points undergoing in-nervation by laser. It covers reinforcement strategies through auricular masterpoints and embryonic zones. It also shows rare aspects of physical rehabilitation through positional release and reciprocal inhibition.

The book maintains a parallel commentary which is the best support from the editor and his scientific network. This merges with the technical mapping of significant information for powerful and successful therapy. This book applies to Laser in Medicine, Sports therapy, neuroscience, Lymphology, Acupuncture and alternative cancer therapies. It is recommended for physical therapists and for persons in debility in need of self-help support.

This book was listed in the Laser Annals in 2016. Essential features of the book include: Basics of Low-level laser protocols in physical therapy. : Safety awareness in laser applications and in occupational practise. : Futuristic trends of laser therapy as an advanced healing modality with genetic potential. : General principles that therapists must know as demonstrated by experts in effective practise. : Techniques based on anatomical considerations and applied physiological laws as in the case of positional release, and reciprocal inhibition, trigger points or myofascial dysfunction. : Techniques based on lymphatics, placement of nodes, oedematic deposits and direction of lymph flow. : Techniques based on essential clinical acupuncture points and micro-acupuncture points to innervate treatment zones and innervate embryonic tissues, involving the use of frequencies. : News of advanced systemic therapies based on intravenous laser therapy and Photodynamic therapy.

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