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Book of the Day: 29th April 2021

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Welcome to Adult Candy Land: Erotic After Dark Poetry (Erotica, Poetry)

Adult Candy Land is an erotic poetry volume for adults — fun, flirty, sensual, and very erotic.

I wanted to introduce something fun for adults, singles, couples, and relationships; a fun way to spice things up for adult leisure only. Today, I feel as though adults don’t get enough adult time in their spare time. However, we get caught up in taking care of things naturally and never engage ourselves in other directions. It is very unique, eye-catching and stimulating in a sense. The art of temptation can be very flattering. All for those who love unique books it would be a great gift. A great way for couples looking to spice up their relationship, keeping each other more in tune and engaged with one another. It is fondly expressed as erotic art entailing a world of fantasies and fetishes with an adventure in mind. It is a collection of wild desires branded with the freedom to ignite the dispensing of exotic tales in a world where adults can be private yet exclusive as the intensity of passion allows us to gravitate our own need to just be ourselves openly among others.


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