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Book of the Day: August 1st 2018

Daphne 1

Daphne 1

Show Fever: Romance at the Empire Theatre, Book I – Romance

Clarissa needs a new life. She’s been nursing a broken heart for too long. She finally accepted that she would never experience amazing love but she could have a fantastic career. Determined to fulfill her long lost dream of becoming a great actress she auditions for The Empire Players. This time nothing could stand in her way. Alexander needs to hurry and get back to New York; his social calendar was splitting at the seams. All he had to do in Grover’s Corners was produce “The Philadelphia Story”. He didn’t need any entanglements, obstacles or Femme Fatale actresses bogging him down. Who would have expected they would meet the unexpected, when least expected? Sparks fly between these two headstrong artists. You’re invited to a front row seat . . . back stage.

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