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Book of the Day: September 22nd 2017

Gods Patient

gods patient

God’s Patient Pursuit of My Soul – Inspirational, Personal Growth

You seek Him. He comes to you. Do you dare surrender your heart?

When high achiever, direct-selling superstar, Chris Manion, encountered the idea that Jesus could be her best friend, she sat stunned. The possibility followed this inspirational leader and award-winning catechist on a winding path of spiritual discovery that would change her life.

-Do you dare enter the pages of peace and holy intimacy? Join the journey that can lead you closer to the still, small voice that hovers near your bandaged places, looking for where the light can get in.-

This vulnerable story of one woman’s response to God when He started talking to her compels readers not only through the pages of this book, but their own inner discoveries in their lives and careers as well.

A gorgeous memoir of literary sophistication. This lyrical, intelligent, self-effacing writer just blew the roof off my house! I could not put it down. I believe it will change lives.-

– Suzanne Kingsbury, editor, author of award-winning The Summer Fletcher Greel Loved Me, and The Gospel According to Gracey.


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  1. Chris ManionChris Manion09-22-2017

    I have a real passion for helping others find everyday language or metaphors to help describe their supernatural experiences. It’s my firm belief that God is talking to many of us and we’re experiencing it in some way, but either not labeling it correctly, or unsure of how to talk about it. The Body of Christ needs to hear from its part in order to move better and do its work. I’m committed to getting us talking and sharing more!

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