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Book of the day: 15th November 2019


Forge in the Heart: A Second Chance Romance Simone was on the verge of her greatest business achievement. She had …

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Book of the day: 14th November 2019


Genesis (Science-Fiction) In a world ravaged by climate change, social inequality and dwindling natural resources there‚Äôs only one solution: abandon …

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Book of the day: 13th November 2019


Captured Hearts: Unimaginable Choices, Undeniable Desire (Heart Series Book 1) – Contemporary Romance, Suspense In his secret world, Jamey Marcum …

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Book of the day: 12th November 2019


See These Bones: The Murder of Crows Book 1 (Superhero, Post-Apocalyptic) Some superheroes want to save the world. Damian is …

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Book of the day: 11th November 2019


Excerpts From The Morning Wail: A risible mish-mash of verse and essays of matters of contentious import A collection of …

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Book of the day: 10th November 2019

Novel Maker

The Novel-Maker’s Handbook: the no-nonsense guide to crafting a marketable story Are you struggling to turn your great idea into …

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Book of the day: 9th November 2019


The Unadjusteds (Young Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy) Sixteen-year-old Silver Melody lives in a world where 80% of the population has modified …

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Book of the day: 8th November 2019

Prophecy Girl

Prophecy Girl: Camille Bishop Book 1 (Paranormal, Fantasy) I never thought my life could get any weirder, then Jane Lowry …

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Book of the day: 7th November 2019

Lost Castle

The Lost Castle: The Lost Mysteries (Mystery) When thirteen-year-old British boy Cameron Barnes travels to Japan, he finds a new …

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Book of the day: 5th November 2019

Dukes Ward

The Duke’s Ward: The Reluctant Duke Book 1 (Historical Fiction, Romance) The Duke’s Ward is the first book in a …

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