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Chanel Hardy

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My Colorblind Rainbow – LGBT, Romance

Darlene Jones is a fifteen-year-old African-American teenage girl living in Durham, North Carolina in 1940. She has an ordinary life, but things quickly become complicated as her sexual identity comes into question when she meets a white girl, nineteen-year-old Rose, who isn’t like any girl she’s ever met before. My Colorblind Rainbow is a teen fiction that explores adolescent love and nonconformity, as these girls struggle with racial tension in the south. Their bond not only threatens their own lives, but friendships, and the relationships with their families as well.


Was It Her? – Young Adult, Crime, Horror

Amanita Matua, also known as Nita, becomes one with popular crowd once she starts dating the most popular boy at Orchard Valley High School, Adrian Garcia. With a hot boyfriend, and a new social status, life seems great for the sixteen-year-old. That is until the night her life changed forever. Adrian is found dead in his home, and with no known enemies, or witnesses to his murder, all the fingers point to Nita in what the authorities suspect to be a crime of passion. After losing her boyfriend and being emotionally abandoned by the entire town, she has no choice but to take matters into her own hands to find the murderer, and clear her name. Was It Her? is a story of obsession, crime and desperation as Nita’s search for the truth starts to unravel more than she bargained for.

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