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Norad's Ghost – Ebook (V1) (1)

NORAD’s Ghost (Gay, dystopian)

It’s 500 years after WWIII and the earth is poisoned with Carbon-14 and plutonium. Following the decade long night of nuclear winter and the Great Famines, what’s left of the human race is fragmented and much of the old world is nuclear wastelands inhabited by different factions, from the cannibalistic Ferals, who have reverted to savagery, to the Scavengers who pick among the ruins of the old world cities for useful items to barter with the Dusteaters, nomadic warlike factions who are at war with the despotic Utopians, the most technologically advanced and powerful of the human enclaves, who have forged a new civilisation that is controlled by an elite of fertile scientists and intelligentsia who live underground in Sub City, which sprawls beneath Silo City and Surfer Town, where the infertile topsiders called the Mudsurfers live and work for their troglodyte masters.

Thundersky often wonders why he doesn’t get sick? All the topsiders get sick from the radiation and the cancers. So sick, that living to 35 is considered a grand old age. Only the Scholars live for longer. But the Scholars manufacture the medicinals that everybody needs to survive.

Thundersky is different, not only is he immune from the radiation and cancers that have plagued the earth for 500 years, he’s also a genius and just 19, he has designed an antimatter impulse drive capable of achieving 50% the speed of light.

It’s been months since Thundersky submitted his data and applied to the prestigious Tech Training Academy but has heard nothing since.

Not all the Scholars are tyrants; some believe the exploitation of topsiders is cruel and wrong. The human experimentations conducted in the Utopian prisons on Dusteater terrorists is barbaric and inhuman. Among them, Grand High Scholar Blackstone Washington and High Scholar Blossom Flora, who for the past twenty years, following the purge of the geneticists and bioengineers have been protecting the “Genesis Child” from the Grand High Council who would kill him. But now people are getting suspicious and asking questions about the topsider who never gets sick, they must act quickly before his true identity is discovered and contrive to bring Thundersky into Sub City and alter his records with a little help from the ARTI-QS-Six-Zero-Two Quantum AI.

Zim Steven, head of the SSS is soon suspicious of the new young genius and discovers that he is the Genesis Child, but before he can act, an ancient quantum system is activated at a secret location beneath the flooded ruins of Manhattan, and a countdown begins to unleash another thermonuclear holocaust upon our dying world and a race against time begins.

Thundersky is selected to go to New York with an elite team of military tacticals to locate the NORAD system and deactivate it. Meanwhile, Zim Steven lays his plans to make certain that Thundersky and his companions never return to Silo City alive.

After their transport drone is shot down by Dusteaters, Corporal Venus Jane and Fox, Thundersky and his best friend Tiger White are the only survivors, with just an armored vehicle. They are pursued by Dusteaters and the infamous Godders of Pennsylvania and a desperate battle for survival begins.

While in the wilderness, the foursome make unlikely allies, and Thundersky falls in love with a handsome young Dusteater fighter, Reaper Bloodbuck.

Utopia’s arch enemy, the queen of the Dusteaters, the Prophetess will reveal things to Thundersky’s that will unravel his life and everything he believes in, and soon, it’s realized that the humble Mudsurfer is far more powerful than even the Scholars could have imagined…



Twisted Maze (Contemporary political thriller/adventure)

For 60 years, the “Founders” have been secretly infiltrating every aspect of the American government, law enforcement, military and judiciary, influencing government policy and biding their time for the day they can seize power, in the chaos that has followed the Covid Pandemic, the Founders believe that day has come…

A titanic power struggle is taking place between the western democracies; China and Russia and a new Cold War with hotspots of proxy-wars, such as the American led Anglo-American-French coalition in Iran, where British SAS Colonel Elizabeth Brooks commands an elite unit of Anglo-American Special Forces. Following a mission behind enemy lines, Elizabeth’s brother-in-law, John Crane of “Crane Technologies” shows up in Iran. Crane Tech has developed a cloaking device, but the secret’s out, the Founders know about it and they want it desperately and will stop at nothing to get it. Fearing he will be murdered, John needs a contingency plan. Elizabeth and her team are that plan…

FBI Special Agent Dexter Quills is in Virginia hunting a vicious serial killer, the “Three-Sixty Strangler” when he receives a call that will change his life forever when he’s ordered to the Crane Mansion, where the entire family with the exception of John’s youngest son Adam (Elizabeth Brooks’s biological son) have been murdered by Founder terrorists who want the “Perseus II” cloaking device in order to detonate a nuclear weapon over Washington DC to wipe out the Government.

Fate bring Elizabeth and Dexter together and the fate of millions of Americans and the free world itself is in their hands, in a violent race against time to prevent the greatest tragedy in American history…



CHAMELEON (Fact-based historical novel set in Nazi Germany; Gay protagonist)

This book is inspired by real events:

Kurt is a good-looking Lutheran boy from the slums of Berlin. An orphan of WWI. He is taken in and raised by a wealthy Jewish couple, Mamma and Papa Kaufmann, who give him not only a loving home, but the best advantages money can buy. Educated at a prestigious gymnasium, where he first discovers his sexuality and love for his best friend Sascha.

Amidst the political turmoil of the late 1920s, Kurt is seemingly uninterested by the radicalism of the Bolsheviks and the Nazis. In fact, he hates all politicians equally and trusts none of them.

After Gymnasium, Kurt is accepted into the Prussian War Academy as an officer cadet. Over the next two years, Kurt proves himself to be an exceptional cadet and soon comes to the notice of Oberst Count Max von Wallenberg, head of Abwehr Counterespionage, who is impressed by the boy and decides to keep an eye him as a potential counterintelligence agent.

Max recognises the growing popularity of the Nazis pose a clear threat to democracy and is resolved to do everything in his power to stop Hitler from becoming Chancellor of Germany. On the eve of Kurt’s graduation and commissioning, Papa Kaufmann is gunned down by Nazis outside his office. It’s a devastating blow for Kurt, and an epiphany.

Max starts the process to recruit Kurt into the Abwehr and Kurt is sent from the academy to the Bavarian Alps to undergo months of gruelling and top secret “special training”. When he returns to Berlin as a commissioned Leutnant, he is recruited by the Abwehr.

1932, Max meets an old war friends from the Austrian police, Oscar Schmidt, who has a very interesting story to tell about a male prostitute, blackmailer, art forger and old friend of Hitler’s, Philip Beck, back in Vienna when they lived at a flophouse together; a place well known for rent boys. Beck is in Germany and was arrested and detained until Oskar arrived to take him back to Vienna, where he is wanted for murdering his landlord and lover. Only someone let him go and now Beck is on the run.

Oskar tells Max that while investigating Beck, he discovered there is a police dossier on Hitler, a dossier that mysteriously went missing in 1923. Oskar tells Max that the dossier was taken by Major Burgamann, head of the Austrian Secret police and contains information that would destroy Hitler’s credibility.

Hitler’s friend and chauffeur, Julius Schreck sends the homicidal maniac Bruno Metz to Austria to find the missing dossier. But the dossier has been taken to safety by Burgamann’s secretary Simon Hrach, and the Major suffers a heart attack and dies before Bruno can find anything out.

In France, Hrach is hiding out, waiting for his old friend, Marcus Wolff a professional blackmailer from Munich, who has promised to buy the Hitler dossier from him, so Hrach can escape from Europe.

The Abwehr’s, a step ahead of Bruno Metz, learn that Wolff has a secret address in a boarding house run by a lesbian opera singer, Fräulein Georg , where Wolff’s gay lover lives. Max realises that they have to get an agent into the house to intercept the dossier as soon as Marcus Wolff shows up with it. There’s just one problem: The house on Türkenstrasse is no ordinary boarding house; the tenants are all gay young artists.

Boris, who suspects that Kurt is gay, suggests that Kurt would be ideal for the mission. He even has a talent for drawing, Boris tells Max.

In the Türkenstrasse house, Kurt soon falls into the Bohemian lifestyle and falls deeply in love with Wolff’s lover, Xavier Knopp, who is autistic.

Soon, Kurt will not only have to fight for his own life, he’ll have to fight to save the lives of his friends and lover and a deadly and bloody duel ensues that will leave many people dead, and Kurt’s true skill as a marksman comes into its own…


Chameleon- The Terror Begins (FULL JACKET 2) (Rough- B&W USE THIS ONE)

CHAMELEON: The Terror Begins (Fact-based historical novel set in Nazi Germany; Gay protagonist)

n this, the Second novel in the Chameleon Trilogy, 1933-1937 Kurt Eichhorn continues his quest to destroy the Nazis.

Nobody suspects Kurt as being the mysterious marksman during the “Bavarian Affair, CHAMELEON”, and with everyone involved apart from Kurt being dead, his identity remains safe. But Kurt has become a killer now, and after executing Meister in revenge for murdering Hauptmann Wagner, he becomes a fully committed member of the “Von Hagendorf Orchestra,” avowed to Ridding Germany of Hitler by legal means or fowl, he’s now a man who lives by the law of the gun, choosing Gestapo sadists to kill in his spare time, while in his day job, he is one of the Abwehr’s brightest counterespionage agents, hot on the heels of Russian NKVD spy ring.

Meanwhile, Hitler is summoned to von Hindenburg’s country estate and ordered to either curtail Ernst Röhm and the SA, or he will be sacked as chancellor and replaced by a military panel, Hitler must choose between power and killing a friend…

As the infamous Night of the Long Knives unfurls, Kurt is deep in treason and retribution, as well as dealing with his personal secrets and demons, and grief for his lover Xavier, (book one, “CHAMELEON”) murdered by the Nazis.

Unbeknown to Kurt, Hauptmann Wagner’s happy-go-lucky son Richard has been denounced as a homosexual and is arrested by the Gestapo.

After months of torture and abuse in a Gestapo prison, Richard is sent to the infamous Dachau Concentration Camp, where Hell meets reality, and for many harrowing months, he must endure the unendurable; orgies of violence and inhumanity, breaking him body and soul; weak, hungry and systematically brutalized, all hope has gone and only despair remains. Richard knows he’s just weeks from death.

Back in Berlin, Kurt learns through a surprising informant, that his old Hauptmann’s son is in Dachau, and with an audacious plan, he resolves to rescue him before it’s too late…

Untersturmführer Victor Graf von Ritter might be termed a reluctant Nazi, blackmailed by his fanatical father into joining the SS as one of Himmler’s “bluebloods” to enhance the SS’ prestige as a knightly order. If Richard refused, his father would cut him off and expose him as a homosexual after Victor was expelled from Mürwik Naval Academy for an indiscretion.
Reluctant or not, Victor’s young, good-looking and ambitious and he has a policeman’s mind too, which soon gets him noticed.

Victor is summoned to Berlin to be part of an investigation into the theft of a Gestapo list and forged identity papers. The investigation soon spirals into something far more sinister than the Communist or Jewish underground, when witnesses start being murdered, and military intelligence reports on the Soviet Union are found in the luggage of a courier shot dead by Gestapo at the German-Austrian border…

On his return to Berlin from Dachau, Kurt is informed of the border shooting and the War Ministry plans that have been found, and is ordered to liaise with Untersturmführer Graf von Ritter of the SD.

When Kurt and Victor meet at a murder scene, they’re both horrified, realising they had met once before, the previous year in more, intimate circumstances…

But can they put aside their personal feelings to work together and identify the sinister foreign power or organisation behind the forgeries and halt an atrocity they’re planning at the Nuremberg Rally? Can Kurt put duty and country before his desire to see Hitler and his cronies dead…?


Collegium- Blood of Fire- NEW Jacket (Parejacket2

Collegium: Brotherhood of Rogues (Historical fact-based novel set in 1st Century BCE Roman empire)

Based around historically factual events.

Egypt has fallen, Cleopatra and Antonius are dead by their own hands and Octavius Caesar is now the most powerful man on earth. But Caesar’s position is far from secure, with enemies in the Senate plotting against him and renegade legionaries still loyal to Antonius fermenting rebellion, among them, the renegade legate of the Third Aegyptus, Titus Eximius, who, sworn to topple the young tyrant, escapes from Egypt and turns to the Barbarians of Moesia to raise a Celtic army to invade Italy, financed by a vast treasure hidden by Marcus Antonius years ago. Titus has no idea that Caesar’s legions are secretly poised to conquer Moesia to secure the empire’s frontiers along the mighty Danube.

Meanwhile, in Rome, an insidious group of senators and political enemies led by Fannius Caepio are plotting Caesar’s assassination, but they know they’re powerless without military assistance, and so, an alliance is made between the plotters and the Antonians, who are set on rekindling the bloody civil war.

Sabinus, the ennobled blood son of the infamous and villainous Grassator (gangster) First Centurion of the Fifth Macedonica, Nepos Maximo, the Bastard of the Aventine. Sabinus is also the adopted son of the patrician adventurer Draco Cerialis, a one of Caesar’s best spies and commander of the “Irregulars,” a small band of elite Speculatorii (behind enemy lines special forces).
After the fall of Egypt, Draco and the Irregulars are sent to hunt down and kill Titus Eximius and destroy his renegade legion. When Draco is killed in an ambush, Titus escapes to Byzantium.
Sabinus vows vengeance against Titus who is responsible for Draco’s death and Caesar’s spymaster, Gnaeus Domitius Calvinus puts Sabinus in command of the Irregulars and sends him to hunt Titus down and to find Antonius fabled “Syrian gold” (Antonius’s hidden war chest).

Meanwhile, the Greek and Macedonian legions invade Moesia, and Sabinus with his half dozen Irregulars pursues Titus Eximius into war-torn Moesia, the reluctant commander of two cohorts of regular troops, battling their way through a formidable enemy to rendezvous with the Fifth Macedonica.

Teutonius, with his officers has joined King Budorix of the Triballi, a warlike Moesian Celtic people who lay between the Fifth Macedonica and its prize – the fortified city of Ratiaria on the Danubius River.

King Budorix has amassed a massive army of barbarian allies and intends to stop the Romans and drive them back to Macedonia and the two armies come face to face in a bloody and violent battle, upon which hangs the success or failure of the conquest and Sabinus’s prize, Titus Eximius and the eventual fight to the death between two bitter enemies, only one will survive…


Collegium- Blood of Fire – Ebook Cover 2

COLLEGIUM: Blood of Fire (fact-based historical novel set in 1st century BCE Roman Empire)

Based around historically factual events. Action, adventure, politics and intrigue.

The conquest of Moesia is complete and Sabinus has killed the renegade legate, Titus Eximius and recovered a small portion of Marcus Antonius’s fabled war chest; but the pursuit of the remaining renegades, led by Popidius Kaeso and the rest of the gold continues into the Syrian desert, where Sabinus rescues a Roman orphan child Carthago, who has vital information about the renegades and their alliance with the senatorial conspiracy to murder Augustus and his inner circle, and to seize power, led by Senator Fannius Caepio. Carthago also has information about the renegades, and the mysterious men known only as The Procurator and Aureus.

Sabinus (now a celebrated hero) returns to Rome with Carthago and the Irregulars, where he joins forces with his infamous father and his murderous Collegium of Rogues in pursuit of Kaeso and the renegades who have gone to ground in order to regroup, whilst Augustus is in Hispania waging war against the Cantabri.

Sabinus, now commanding the most lethal Special Forces unit in Roman history, wastes no time in undermining the senatorial conspiracy in order to force Kaeso and the renegades out into the open. During their operations, they discover that the legate of the Ninth Hispania, engaged in operations in the Cantabrian mountains is part of the plot to murder Augustus and seize control of the legions in Hispania and Sabinus is dispatched urgently to Hispania to find the assassins, where he becomes actively embroiled in the Cantabrian war…


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