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Eaton Krone

happy meals

Happy Meals: A LightSide Novel – The Euwel (Book 1) – Science-Fiction, Satire


As a Militor Scout, Lieutenant Reginald Kleft is expected to follow the rules, but with a grandfather to impress and a score to settle, rules are more like… guidelines for the unambitious. On the opposite side of the law, Captain Phealix is a firm believer in rules because, without them, her crew of Vahltan pirates won’t remain her crew for long.

But when a chance encounter leaves them stranded on the Dumb Planet of Wahyoo VIII, Reg and Phealix face only one simple rule: stay alive – a tough ask when you’re caught between a tribe of party-starved cannibals and a rival tribe of headhunters looking for new décor.

In a stupid move, fate allows Reg and Phealix to escape into the bowels of a volcano, where they inadvertently awaken an ancient enemy. An enemy whose veiled plans may not only spell disaster for the locals but also the very soul of the universe. With no way to call in the cavalry, Reg and Phealix must work together to stem the tide themselves. That’s if they don’t kill each other first.

After all, the enemy of your enemy isn’t always your friend…

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A Life Spec

A Life Spectacular (A LightSide Novel) – Science-Fiction, Satire

Wishing your problems away is remarkably easy. Surviving the new ones is slightly more complicated…

In a perfect world, Guy Leatherman would be a first-class journalist with a greater passion for life, a bigger circle of friends (i.e. more than one), a loving family and a goldfish that lived longer than the last one.

In a perfect world, Guy would be blissfully unaware that life out there exists, and he certainly wouldn’t be stupid enough to step into his closet to be teleported from Earth to an alien planet in an alien body. Nor would he allow himself to get caught up in the biggest conspiracy the Charted Universe has ever seen.

In a perfect world, Guy’s alien body wouldn’t be nearing its degeneration date, and he wouldn’t have to pin his hopes of survival on a street-sweeping doppelgänger, a trash-hating side table, a spy who can’t remember much and an elusive Grey with a milk problem.

In a perfect world, Guy would have the courage to do what needs to be done and, more importantly, he’d know what needs to be done.

Unfortunately for Guy, the universe is not a perfect world…

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