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Half-Price Sale


It’s time for a Half-Price Sale!

Here at Indie Book Butler, we realize that it’s a bit of a strange and difficult time for everyone, so we’ve tried to create something we hope can help. Until further notice, we’ll be offering all of our One-Year and Two-Year memberships at half price. Do take a look and see which option is the best for you. Promoting to over 110,000 potential readers, we are sure we’ll have something that fits both your budget and needs.

Prices are one-offs and do not auto-renew at the end of the one- or two-year membership.

Promotional Options


A book listing page, and ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY promotional tweets per month to over 110,000 – That’s FOUR tweets per day!

ONE-YEAR$70 $35

TWO-YEAR$140 $70


A book listing page, and SIXTY promotional tweets per month to over 110,000 – That’s TWO tweets per day!

ONE-YEAR$55 $27.50

TWO-YEAR$110 $55


A book listing page and THIRTY promotional tweets per month to over 110,000 – That’s a tweet every day!

ONE-YEAR$40 $20

TWO-YEAR$80 $40

All options include promotion/listing of Up to FIVE of your books. Add new books to your page as you release them (or swap them out if you are already at five books), and let us know anytime you’d like us to update/change out your tweets. If you wish to promote more than FIVE books, please contact us, and we will create a bespoke package. For recent testimonials, please visit HERE.

Our fantastic team will happily show off your covers, blurbs, and purchase links for each book on your Author Page.

Once you’ve signed up, drop us an email below, and we’ll get to you within twelve hours to let you know the information needed to get you up and running — titles, genres, covers etc.

Please also do drop us an email if you have any questions at all.

Half-Price Options

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