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Holly Curtis


Celluloid – Comedy/Humor

Jimmy Clifford is a thirty-year-old movie addict and film memorabilia shop owner. He is also very fed up. He is fed up with his best friend Oswald’s stupid, made-up card games, his drug dealer Pluto’s novelty drugs are losing their novelty and his anti-depressants don’t appear to be working anymore.

But when he discovers that the Crypt – a local, independent cinema that he regards as his ‘spiritual home’ – is to be demolished, he feels compelled to act. Getting together with his friends and a fellow shop owner they decide upon an idea – there will be a ‘Save the Crypt’ cabaret night (featuring local performers) to highlight the situation and raise money in the process.

All Jimmy has to do for his part is get out and find seven acts in two months – not so easy when you’re an agoraphobic and you’re up against giant egos and a psychotic property developer.

“Jimmy and his friends remind me of The Big Bang Theory’s characters, only working class, slightly less nerdy, and without supersized IQ’s … Movie lovers and really anyone who likes books with offbeat characters would find this an enjoyable read. It’s a love letter to movies and old independent theatres. When the undercurrent of a funny book contains thoughtful commentary, it’s an unexpected bonus. The book is worth reading for the witty conversations alone, but don’t forget to read between the lines.” –

“Holly Curtis creates a successful story, not only with the plot line, but in writing style as well. The characters of Celluloid all are able to stand alone, each with his or her own distinct voice and characteristics.” – Red City Review

“This is a book with a simple concept, but a lot of heart. And chuckles.” – The Bookshelf Gargoyle Smashwords Goodreads Twitter

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