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J. Webb Garrett

Neon Calico cover

NEON Calico – Cyberpunk


What is the value of flesh when ceramics and chrome can make you stronger? Faster? Smarter? Better? A cyborg is the hybrid of man and machine, but how much “machine” can a person become before they lose the “man?”

Calico, a young cyborg Troubleshooter, struggles with these questions as she makes her way in the shadowy underbelly of the Chicago Metropolis. Having spent years running from a past that she can never escape, Calico finds a chance to put it all behind her when her half-brother shows up from Hong Kong asking her to steal a data-file from their father’s company. The file – Project: Stray, her father’s final solution.

The Eye of Balor front cover

The Eye of Balor: The Morrighan’s Song, Book 1 – Urban Fantasy

The Eye of Balor
Book 1 of The Morrighan’s Song.

Once, beings of great power walked beside us. We called them “gods” and they inspired many of our oldest myths and legends.

So where are they now?

Most are lost to history, some even forgotten.

Morgan O’Dwyer is a young woman living in rural America, trying to make some sense of her life, a task made all the more difficult given that she’s been placed under a curse, forced to forget her past and who she used to be; The Morrighan, goddess of fate, prophecy, and death of the Tuatha De Danann.

When a friend comes to her for help, Morgan must try to embrace his lost part of herself as she searches for answers, even as ancient enemies from a forgotten age begin closing in around her.

The girl down the street is a goddess of death!

Beware the piercing eye.

An urban fantasy novel inspired by Irish mythology set in rural America.

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