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James L. Rickard


Grandpa Wore a Six-Gun: The Charlie Hobbs Saga Book 1 (Action/Adventure, Western Fiction)

In a rollicking combination of “Catcher in the Rye” and “Little Big Man,” Ride with Charlie Hobbs as he leaves the farm, finds himself in bordellos, saloons, stage robberies, and more in this coming of age story.


ant people

Treasure of the Ant People: The Charlie Hobbs Saga Book 2 (Western Fiction, Science-Fiction)

This “sort-of” Western continues the saga of Charlie Hobbs. The tale picks up his story in later years as Charlie battles not only outlaws but underground dwellers while searching for Pancho Villa’s hidden treasure in a genre mash-up like you’ve never seen.


once upon

Once Upon a Time With Grandpa: The Charlie Hobbs Saga Book 3 (Western Fiction, Science-Fiction)

Here’s a story with Butch Cassidy, John Wayne, and Wyatt Earp in the same universe. Sound fishy? That’s why they call it “alternative history,” and good old Charlie Hobbs is in the middle of it all! Get ready to laugh with this offbeat tale.



The Windmill Portal: The Charlie Hobbs Saga Book 4 (Western Fiction, Science-Fiction)

It’s 1928.

Is a honeymoon UFO encounter related to a Texas crash from 1897?

Charlie Hobbs seeks answers as well as discovering a past love and the son from that union.


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