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Kevin Nesgoda

horrors 2

Horrors of the Soul: Fables of Desolation and Despair – Horror

The true monster lies deep within. It rages and thrashes inside, waiting to escape. When it earns its freedom it reveals itself in mysterious ways. Join me in these nine stories as we wade through serial killers, aliens, local legends, ghosts, demons, and the ultimate monster, man himself.

Bigfoot Killed Vol1

I Killed Bigfoot: Vol. 1 – Dark Comedy, Folklore

Seeing a sasquatch in the wild is one thing. Seeing a sasquatch in the wild and running it down with your SUV is another. In the State of Washington, it’s very illegal to kill a bigfoot. So what would you do if you ran one down on a fairly busy backwoods highway? Join our hero in part one of this series and find out how he plans to deal with the situation.

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