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Kneel Downe

Virulent Blurb

Virulent Blurb: Fractures – Science-Fiction Prose

Virulentblurb:Fractures takes you into a strange and twisted world of Animal Spliced humans, renegade Droids and an oddly poetic Universe of wonders and fear.

VirulentBlurb is a twitter fiction experiment that soon grew to spawn its own website and then attract the attentions of several Media companies.

Gathered here are the original tweets, back stories and (for the first time) the first three ‘demo’ scripts.

Taken as a whole they tell the ongoing story of this world.

Various extras have been scattered around the book.

“Joshua Knight is often cited as the father of the Revolution.

What is certain is that his company PolyPhazeProductions was instrumental in the birthing of a new age.

The introduction of the wonder drug ReGen tackled the ghost of falling fertility.

Immortality beckoned.

Splicing technology allowed us to wear bodies not our own: A Genetic cloak of dreams.

Furthermore, the creation of increasingly wondrous devices allowed us to go where only our shamanic ancestors had gone before.

The gateway to the stars lay not in fire belching engines but here…

Here in the wires.

Here in the VEIL.

50 years ago the world was broken.

Walls came crashing down.

All that remained of the world was this one city and a few hundred miles of wasteland.

The Sun and the Stars were gone.

Only the Moon, the endless night and the constantly falling dust remained.

WELCOME then to the world of the VirulentBlurb.

Visions and Nightmares await…”

Amelia's Song

Amelia’s Song – Science-Fiction Prose

“When Amelia was a little boy she fell through the hole in the worlds….she returned transformed…”

From the critically acclaimed author of VirulentBlurb:Fractures comes this mythical tale, a virulent fable, a twist in the VirulentBlurb universe.

With illustrations by renowned artist Susan Omand, Kneel returns to his universe and tells the story of Amelia, a character that appears in every strand of the VirulentBlurb, an echo tying the whole collection of strings together. Set in a world of Chaos Lords and Chrome Dragons, Amelia’s Song sees her journey through this vast land, meeting old friends and encountering new ones in her quest to stop the Knights of Hell.


VirulentBlurb: Reflections – Science-Fiction Prose

Pollyanna Knight Hears…
In the Dark….

The follow up to the critically acclaimed VIRULENT BLURB:FRACTURES… Or is it? After being introduced to the splintered Blurb Universe in Fractures, the aftermath of a cataclysmic conflict, the dark world 50 years after the war, Kneel Downe’s REFLECTIONS takes us back to the time before the war, before the sun went out, to the introduction of this extraordinary world.

Time will flick between the then and now as the technology and players of this mult-iverse answer the questions raised, rise and fall, and ask yet more questions…

VIRULENT BLURB:REFLECTIONS takes you on journey from the beginning to end and back again. Enjoy…

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The Jackport Killer

The Jackport Killer: A Virulent Noir – Science-Fiction

Welcome to the first Kurt Lobo Case File

Welcome to The Endless, Sprawling, Neon City beneath the broken EverNight.

Welcome to the life of WolfSpliced Detective Kurt Lobo.

There are many, many cases before the events of VIRULENTBLURB:FRACTURES. Here is just one of them.

A damaged serial killer is stalking the city streets.

Bodies left at random.

Ritualistic in their method.


Can Detective Lobo find the JackPort Killer before events get too close?

Too personal?

And just what is it that lurks out there in the darkness, hinting at greater battles to come?

Welcome to the world of The Wolf.

Tread carefully.

“Don’t let the fact that it’s self published put you off; this is intelligent and fun scifi at its BEST.” STARBURST MAGAZINE.

“This is a 1930’s noir detective tale told against a Blade Runner backdrop” THECULTDEN


SPORADIC – Science-Fiction

SPORADIC – (adj.) occurring at irregular intervals or only in a few places; scattered or isolated.

Staccato lay lines in the universal map…

Tributes and tribulations…

Statements and stories…

Punk poetry…

Welcome to SPORADIC.

Discover the building blocks of a universe you already know and the beginnings of others you don’t. This is the visionary mind of Kneel Downe in its rawest form, spewing nonsensical flows of genius…

This is creation.

SPORADIC can be viewed as an anthology or collection of the brief explosions of imagination that Kneel Downe writes on Twitter. Concepts. Ideas. Short stories, poems and works in progress. A glimpse into his online notebooks. Many of these sparks grow into something larger…many more don’t. Here for your pleasure are the ones that haven’t…yet.

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owls tale

An Owl’s Tale – Science-Fiction

“Ladybirds are full of secrets,” said Amelia.

An Owl’s Tale returns the reader to a time of traveller’s tales and campfire storytelling as Amelia and her companion Owl head east to begin the quest in the book Amelia’s Song. The tales told here stand alone and yet fit characters and stories told before and yet to come in Kneel’s own unique style. They are a mix of the classical, the contemporary and the not yet invented and are as reminiscent of Carroll and Grimm as they are as new as Noon and Martin. Fairy tales and sagas that are as future proof as they are familiar. Born of truth and folklore cloaked, the FairyBlurbs may be the most important VirulentBlurb book yet.

This book is a Ladybird.

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