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heros sin

A Hero’s Sin: Tales From Archeleon’s Willow – Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Superhero

The City of Angels is a place of freedom of individuality, and few represent this better than the world’s Hero. Non-binary, pansexual, half shapeshifting human, half-demon, but all about peace; few are more “out there” than Alex James Elisia Kimera. But what happens when just using your powers causes you to fall apart? In Alex’s case, medicinal marijuana was the answer. The Hero’s body and powers may be more stable, but there’s a certain someone in their city that’s less so. Greed forces the Hero of this tale to act against destructive forces to protect the City of Angels, hopefully without destroying themself.

Rated M for Mature!
This book deals with swearing, arson, and prejudice. Make sure you can handle these subjects before reading; thank you and enjoy.


The Scaletta Family: Tales From Archeleon’s Willow – Fantasy

A day at Wolfwater Academy goes wrong when the Scaletta daughters are picked up by the eldest’s love interest, a fellow student from a rival criminal organization. Toni must navigate the day while protecting the woman she cares for. Can the intelligent young boss do it? Guess you’ll have to read to see.

Rated PG-13
This book contains swear words, murder, minor sexual themes, and minor parental abuse.
Make sure you can handle these subjects before reading; thank you and enjoy.


Itward Doom’s First Case: Tales From Archeleon’s Willow – Paranormal, Sci-Fi

Along the journey to avenge his family, Itward Lee Doom stumbled upon a haunted house that’s been causing trouble ever since the family who built it met an unfortunate demise. The King and his friends vow to explore this catastrophe and solve the mystery! If not for themselves, then for the parents who died protecting a child who disappeared without a trace.

Rated M
This book deals with swear words, murder, paranormal shenanigans, and phobias. Make sure you can handle these subjects before reading; thank you and enjoy.


A Mother When Needed: Tales From Archeleon’s Willow – Coming-Of-Age, Mythology

After a traumatic incident rips Sierra’s family from her, she wakes up on Jitaku, an entire world of orphans under the care of Akira, the galaxy tree’s greatest Mother, and her squadron of unique and talented caretakers. Worried at first, Sierra warms up to the odd characters surrounding her and decides to join a field trip to save a baby manticore from a group of self-righteous hunters with a knack for acting stupid.
Too bad for them Akira is a witch who does NOT take well to bullies, especially those targeting her kids.

Rated E for Everyone!

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