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L.P. Donnelli

dead diary

Dead Diary – Children’s

Dead Diary tells the story of Mathilde, a young girl who has to deal with the usual difficulties of growing up: such as problems at school, not being noticed by that special boy, and having to constantly help ghosts find their peace:

I’m tired. Dead tired. So tired I can barely stay awake to write this. After helping Mr Bircher search for his head all night, I’m a little annoyed too. Dad doesn’t help. He doesn’t know what it’s like for a girl my age, trying to fit in at school as much as possible, and trying to fit in all the dead people. It’s not easy being a soul helper.

And so her diary entries begin. Through the school term, Mathilde will learn important life lessons she will never forget. Realising that ghosts and people are not as different as she thought…

back on track

–Back-On-Track–, Children’s

Mike is different to other children. For a start, he has a very-slightly-older twin sister, Layla, and a beloved father who is insanely-crazily-mad about trains. But also, because he carries a feeling of guilt for what happened to his mother.

Without anyone to look after Dad, who is terribly lonely and struggling to find enough money to get them by, he knows he has to do something about it. But with rotten and disgusting smells following him at every turn he feels lost when things don’t quite turn out as planned – – –

Join this warm and humorous family tale that has many detours and stop-offs along its journey and a host of colourful characters, as Mike and Layla try their best to make Dad happy again.

For young and older readers alike.

A debut children’s book from L. P. Donnelli.

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