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Low Level Laser Therapy For Physical Therapists – Non-Fiction, Health, Alternative Medicine

This book has been listed in the Laser Annals of 2016.

This is the Second edition of a popular practical book onLow Level Laser Therapy dedicated to a technical skills development framework for all practitioners of medicine, sports, spas and cam. It releases new aspects of photomedicine in its support to gene therapy, lymphatics, sports and systemic diseases. It shows a segment of invention dedicated to treating malignancy also. The lymphatic section can support the prevention of diseases as breast cancer and correction post-cancer. This is Everyman’s book. It is edited by Jan TunĂ©r, who is a world famous editor, author, and leader in this scientific field.

The book covers keynotes of Influencers and scientific leaders like Tiina Karu, Michael Hamblin, Pekka Pontinen, Oshiro, Nogier and Michael Weber.

This book is an illustrated guide for optimized therapeutic response with controlled SOAP.
It also shows the futuristic and absolute recovery potential of systemic disease, without drugs, which makes it a possible hope for the future of medicine.

The interior of this book provides technical and illustrated data on stages of therapy, anatomical approach, complementary and alternative sciences for plan of care. The book shows range in process and therapies and covers pain management, sports rehabilitation, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage and reconstruction and even intravenous laser.
It covers all verified clinical and approved knowledge on acupuncture points undergoing in-nervation by laser. It covers reinforcement strategies through auricular master points and embryonic zones. It also shows rare aspects of physical rehabilitation through positional release and reciprocal inhibition.

The book maintains a parallel commentary which is the best support from the editor and his scientific network. This merges with the technical mapping of significant information for powerful and successful therapy.

This book applies to Laser in Medicine, Sports therapy, neuroscience, Lymphology, Acupuncture and alternative cancer therapies. It is recommended for physical therapists and for persons in debility in need of self-help support.

Essential features of the book include
: Basics of Low-level laser protocols in physical therapy.
: Safety awareness in laser applications and in occupational practise.
: Futuristic trends of laser therapy as an advanced healing modality with genetic potential.
: General principles that therapists must know as demonstrated by experts in effective practise.
: Techniques based on anatomical considerations and applied physiological laws as in the case of positional release, and reciprocal inhibition, trigger points or myofascial dysfunction.
: Techniques based on lymphatics, placement of nodes, oedematic deposits and direction of lymph flow.
: Techniques based on essential clinical acupuncture points and micro-acupuncture points to innervate treatment zones and innervate embryonic tissues, involving the use of frequencies.
: News of advanced systemic therapies based on intravenous laser therapy and Photodynamic therapy.


Neuromuscular Massage Therapy: Skills Development – Non-Fiction, Health, Alternative Medicine

This book is a technical description of neuro-muscular techniques in massage therapy to manage advanced care. It is the fundamentals of bodywork, fitness, health, energy, physique, flexibility, mobility and more.

It teaches the therapist aspects of stretch, proprioception, assessment, injury correction and advanced movements to facilitate sportsmen or patients under rehabilitation.
Active sports requires support and knowledge of anatomical management of functional range of movement, muscle tension, balance, postural control at various levels, ages and capacities.
Sensory treatment and integrated approaches indicate range in theories of care. Embryonic body types also provide a framework for plan of care and self-development.

This book is designed as one convenient unit that covers sensory, neuromuscular, orthopedic and embryonic relations to therapies for achieving fitness and excellence in sports or daily life.

The Second edition has an added chapter on sensory therapies based on special senses. The entire manual covers in technical listings, the vast range of known applications for neuromuscular massage therapies. The sciences come together for reference of clinical practitioners and massage therapists seeking to enhance their knowledge base.
Neuromuscular massage therapy is a less known branch in alternative medicine and requires highly specialized skills. It is an advanced application in Sports Massage, with treatments using PNF protocols. It is also a science applied to stroke patients or cases with debility.
This book has organized data of the anatomy of touch, temperature, pressure, and special senses in alternative medicine and healthcare. It is relevant to spa therapies, healthcare physical therapy units and rehabilitation centers. It attempts to convey in depth the full anatomical therapeutic response based on sensory stimuli.

This book completes and reinforces the author’s previous works and titles, Low-level laser for Physical Therapists, and Sports massage.

The essential features in this book, suited to therapists, care workers, and readers in search of self-help techniques, include
: Anatomical considerations related to neurosciences and massage.
: Subtle anatomy and the response to tactile stimuli.
: Positional considerations for neuromuscular massage techniques during therapy.
: Skills acquired by the therapist in hold, voice command, touch, ROM, feedback, and plan of care.
: Embryonic aspects of anatomy in its response to neuromuscular massage therapy.
: Special senses therapy and anatomy.
: Therapeutic exercise main considerations.


Sports Massage: In Spa therapies framework – Non-Fiction, Health, Alternative Medicine

The author is a licensed sports massage practitioner and educator from the US, and a consultant to UK qualifications in Asia. She has been a consultant worldwide since 1994 and has received International grants for her research. She has been U.S Open listed in therapies.

This is an essential manual based on global occupational standards to benefit skills of spa and sports professionals, edited by a Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon and Medical Superintendent.

This book is a technical study aid with ISTE seal of quality on Sports massage, suitable for physical therapy, orthopedic massage, and integrated spa therapies.

It covers integration and multitasking for spa therapists to acquire clinical insights into their practise.

It supports career and self-development.

Sports Massage is derived from Orthopaedic Massage and comes under the category of alternative medicine and clinical massage. It belongs to medical sciences in its formalities, processes and scientific inquiry, yet it is based on manual systems of health support, advanced techniques, and recovery in real-time. It supports maintenance and prevention of injuries. It is very beneficial for professional sports and those under vigorous training.

This book is designed to support spa therapists, who must manage massage on customers with dense musculature.

The book will train many to follow the different applications of sports massage to other massage sciences in alternative medicine. Knowledge of fundamentals in sports therapy is applied for best outcomes.

This book belongs to the very few available that conveys the scope of professional sports massage therapy in spa frameworks, with added wellness and social lifestyle. It provides in-depth range and details of the process of therapy for target muscle groups and their antagonists. Contract relax muscle energy technique, with reciprocal inhibition, stretch ROM, soft tissue mobilization, assessment and plan of care are included in this workbook.

Essential features of this book include
: Adaptation of a very expensive and lengthy course on SportsMassage into an ecosystem suited for self-help, skills development and multitasking career for spas and fitness.

: Sports massage techniques that therapists must know for integration in the spa industry.

: Plan of Care through intensive management of SOAP data.

: Basics of ethics, etiquette, body alignment, positioning, voice command and related anatomical details.

This massage therapy is a lifelong aid for health and fitness.


Shiatsu. Skills development: Spa therapies framework – Non-Fiction, Health, Alternative Medicine

Shiatsu is a world-class heritage science fundamental to mental, emotional and spiritual wellness based on a Japanese legacy. The principles of centering and harnessing of human energy for healing or self-development is beautifully conveyed in the book.This book is developed for a Shiatsu course based on global Occupational Standards with technical structure. It preserves the essence of the classics originating from China and adapting in Japan. The processes of Zen and internalization for empowered healing are illustrated and discussed.The book manages to convey the essence of this magnificent healing art and enhancing the inner awareness and guide in therapists that apply Ki energy. It quotes from Classics and celebrated experts to establish a synchronization of the energy matrix in full potential.It shows the stages of discovery of the therapeutic range from beginner to advanced level.This book provides great support for therapists and Zen study aids, conveying through language and classical imagery the spirit of the universal essence.
Added features include:
* A standardized competency guide and simplified chapters to match with full-colour images of Japanese art related to Shiatsu.
*Ethical workplace standards and client handling protocols.
* Discussions from original sacred scriptures of the relationship between emotions and channel energy, and corrective techniques,
* Plan of Care through assembling of data and technical process involving consultation, application, and aftercare.
*Charts to show techniques and hand movements across channels.
This book manages to maintain the subtle beauty of the ancient traditions of the East engaged in everlasting health. It contributes to Alternative medicine and complementary sciences. It is an Inspirational guide for healers and all engaging in wellness for best living.

author digi

Authors Digital Enterprise: A Master Guide for Amazon book sellers – Internet, self-publishing

The release of this book accelerated the Authors internet score for Influence by Klout to 99.8% Expert for Amazon and earned her a digital E-commerce badge for recognition of her authorship on the Internet from Ezine Articles… Some one hundred books and white papers were covered to manage this book after March 2017 when the changes facing the world became evident. The following of automation and robotics was a large task for the author to canvas in simple writing. This title offers the scope for dynamic selling by Amazon Authors in the new digital marketplace and new internet. The panoramic view and survey of the changes in the Self-publishing Industry, will support Amazon booksellers to graduate from Individual level to Enterprise level. The supporting systems, Artificial Intelligence through Bot integration, new apps and new CRM’s are conveyed in this book with visual graphics. New requirements for product discoverability and optimization are listed. Sites with tools to locate keywords for optimization, and applications in various systems becomes concise and simple to follow up. The various levels of Enterprise advertising from authors is structures for static or dynamic approaches. Metrics of production and Return on Investment are discussed in business category. The many aspects of scaling are depicted concisely from key players on the B2B Marketplace. The mechanisms of E-commerce, in a structure where the whole world competes, is managed in ethical and advanced systematic divisions supporting corporate process. The end view is maximum profitability.
This is not an Amazon book. It is a guide that supports the journey upwards in the e-commerce marketplace, as available in the structures of the new internet, to develop skills for self-publishing, and marketing at various levels, starting from Facebook and leading to the global Amazon marketplace.
Salient features of this book include
* A new idiom of language to suit the robotic attributes of its customer experience
* A new interior design with images of bots, signs, expressions, emotions and related in graphic unity and continuity.
* A canvas of actual screenshots to convey essential apps and support systems available for best usage.
* New technical skills needed for expansion and outreach and templates or indications of conversion.
*A re-education of the systems of self-publishing and authors enterprise based on functional structures of internet e-commerce.

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