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Mary B. Moore

forvere mine

Forever Mine – Contemporary Romance

Ren Townsend enjoys being a bachelor who can choose a different woman every night and swears it will be a long time before he’ll ever commit to one woman. He and his brothers are well known by the female population in not only their town, but the towns and city surrounding them. Life is fine as it is, he owns his own garage and helps his family out on their ranch, there’s no need to change anything. All of a sudden he’s agreeing to renovate his house after his mom sets it up – then in walks the interior designer and suddenly he can’t wait to get started, and not just on renovating.

Ren is not expecting Maya Price or the impact that he feels from meeting her, Maya doesn’t expect to meet a man like Ren. Really when it comes down to it, they shouldn’t fit so well together, but sometimes fate and your souls just collide.

Someone is holding a grudge against Maya’s family and is determined to sabotage their business regardless of who gets hurt. Then there’s Rens past that refuses to go away. As if that’s not enough, someone decides that the Townsends deserve a little payback…and loss of life is an added bonus. Accidents happen, mistakes are made, hearts are broken, but Ren’s determination to have a happy ever after with Maya is strong.

Meet the Townsends, Prices and Montgomerys of Piersville and their friends. The Providence Series is full of love, intrigue and laughter. Who will get hurt next, who will find their happy ever after, and who and why are they doing this?

***Due to the love the f bomb by some characters and some graphic scenes in this book, this ebook is suitable only for readers over the age of 17***

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