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Meridith Claire


Opus (By The Gods) – Fantasy, Fairy Tales

Sy Styles had everything a musician could ask for: fame, fortune, and talent. His records were selling millions of copies world wide. Catapulted to notoriety with the help of his manager Hamilton Kinsey and Thunder Records, he had indulged in the excessive life of a rock-star for years now. His life couldn’t be more perfect.Except that it was empty. Was Sy fooling himself? Was he destined to ride this roller-coaster life to its inevitable end—playing vacant words to full stadiums, only to end up face down in the remnants of the flawless hell he’d built for himself? He’d tricked himself into believing that there was no way out. Until he found Hope. A brash young woman who haunted his dreams more thoroughly than any of the so-called-perfect women he’d encountered. Was she just another user in a town full of opportunists, or was she the key to something real? He was going to find out, even if it cost him everything he has.

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