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Every Rock has a Rose Lining – Biographies & Autobiographies

In Every Rock has a Rose Lining, author Monalisa provides a unique perspective using a vivid narrative that keeps the reader mesmerized by the flow of events and characterization. Describing the ground realities faced by an Indian couple when they moved from India to the United States as new immigrants, this book is a first-hand account of life as foreign students in the U.S., along with its myriad perks and challenges. Relating a true story of success while balancing life on a shoestring budget, this is also a book of small hopes, small pleasures, small battles, and small victories, and how all these small things together formed a memorable journey that was larger than life.

“This is an elegant story of love, companionship, friendship, marriage, support, worries, disappointments, hopes and all little things that make life an exhilarating journey.” – Ahmet Kuyumcu, Founder of, Atlanta, USA

“Far more than a memoir, its fiction-like tales form a plot of a blockbuster: Thrills, tensions, tender moments, emotions etc packed into a charming account of the difficulties and simple pleasures of a young Indian couple as graduate students in a foreign country.” – Robert H. Clark, Founder of, Pittsburg, USA

“…the book is very enjoyable and informative – all foreign students should read it before coming to the US for higher studies.” – Bhaba R. Sarker, Elton G. Yates Distinguished Professor, LSU, USA

“The experience of reading this book is simply scintillating and it makes me look at my expat life with newer perspectives.” – Rajat, a New York banker, USA

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