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Book of the day: 4th December 2019

Beneath The Fall

Sunborn Rising: Beneath The Fall – Young Adult, Epic Fantasy Award-winning novel. Award-winning author. Award-winning art. All-ages fantasy. “Stunning. Awe-inspiring. …

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Book of the day: 3rd December 2019


From His Perspective (Fantasy, Humor) ‘A genuinely laugh out loud book’ that starts with a big bang…actually it starts with …

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Book of the day: 2nd December 2019

TPWM.front Copy

The Problem with Mistletoe (mm romance, holiday romance, Christmas romance, LGBTQ romance, gay romance, romance) A Gay Christmas Romance! David …

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Book of the day: 1st December 2019


The Android Mirror (Speculative fiction, Dystopian fiction) Have you ever wanted to step into a parallel life? Richard Kidd’s life …

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Book of the day: 30th November 2019


Rebellion: The Hacker Chronicles – Historical Fiction It is 1643. The bloody English Civil War has been raging for almost …

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Book of the day: 29th November 2019

Death In Camera

Death in Camera: Murder in modelling’s murky underbelly (Casey and Carval Book 2) – Crime, Police Procedural Driven detective Casey …

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Book of the day: 28th November 2019


Wars and Words – Military History, Adventurer & Explorer Biographies, Military History of the United States I never met my …

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Book of the day: 27th November 2019


Just Across The Way – Horror, Psychological Thriller In “Just Across The Way”, David becomes a millionaire after the death …

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Book of the day: 26th November 2019

Love Me Not

Love Me Not: They are not high-school sweethearts (Romance, Drama, Coming of Age) A family gets ready to welcome an …

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Book of the day: 25th November 2019

Busted Earth

Busted Earth: A Strange New World (Science-Fiction, Humorous Fiction) Earth, 2020. Population: 4.4 billion Humans, 1.2 billion Zombies, 357 Aliens …

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Book of the day: 24th November 2019


Lament of Midnight (Horror, Short Stories, Poetry) Some dolls just can’t be saved. Two short and twisted tales entwine with …

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Book of the day: 23rd November 2019

Laser Therapy

Low-Level Laser Therapy For Physical Therapists – Skills Development (Health) This is the Second edition of a popular practical book …

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Book of the day: 22nd November 2019

Blood Ring

The Blood Ring (Science-Fiction, Horror) Yellowcop is everywhere. It can see and hear everything. It can track where you are …

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Book of the day: 21st November 2019

Access Denied

Access Denied (Parenting & Relationships, Divorce, Fatherhood) David meets Meg. They fall in love and, despite a turbulent relationship, have …

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Book of the day: 20th November 2019


Limited Truth: A Squad Treble Novel (Young Adult, Action & Adventure) WAR GAME XRI YOUR SCHOOL. YOUR HONOR. YOUR DUTY. …

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Book of the day: 19th November 2019


Twisted Tales: The Creature of Black Flint Forest (Young Adult, Horror) Youth horror. Much in the realm of goosebumps…   …

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Book of the day: 18th November 2019

Second Battle

The Second Battle (Mythology) According to the prophecy, Lugh is destined to kill his own grandfather. Determined to escape his …

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Book of the day: 17th November 2019

Co Bully

CO-BULLY No More: and become Co-Dependent Free Today we hear a lot about the BULLY. But who are those people …

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The Shellies Interview


Tell us a little about yourself and your work. From teaching law to writing about The Shellies, life has seen …

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