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The moment has finally arrived and we are now fully up and running. As the days progress, we will fill …

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Launch date confirmed

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It’s now official. The suit is pressed, the gloves steamed… The Indie Book Butler will be open for business Monday, …

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Book Of The Day

Book of the Day: 20th September 2019

The Prisoner

The Prisoner: Olrona, Book 1 – Science-Fiction “No one knows for certain why the ground of the mountain moves or …

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Book of the Day: 17th September 2019

Bronze Bloodline

Bronze Bloodline of the Phoenix: An Unwanted Little Girl, Born with a Very Special Gift – Occult “In a world …

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Book of the Day: 14th September 2019

Ostiguy 1

Last Goodbye: A story of love, loss and one girl’s fate. (Onondaga State Series, Book 1) – Contemporary/ New Adult …

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Book of the Day: 13th September 2019

Dis Bonne Nuit

Dis Bonne Nuit – Suspense, Occult, Virus, Supernatural, Science-Fiction The end of the world didn’t come with a bang. It …

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Book of the Day: March 27th 2019


Tavern: Dargath Chronicles, Book 1 – Epic Fantasy, High Fantasy, Swords and Sorcery Information, Power. Respect. Xelnath of the Gnarled …

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Book of the Day: February 1st 2019

Living The Wright Life Web 01162018

Living the Wright Life – Contemporary, Cozy Romance The search for treasure and hidden family secrets is one way to …

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Book of the Day: January 31st 2019


The Infiltrator: Part One – Action, Crime, Science Fiction, Thriller A freak accident during an arrest leaves decorated agent Arthur …

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Book of the Day: 4th December

Asgard Mini

Asgard Awakening (VeilVerse: Asgard Awakening, Book 1) – Fantasy, Norse & Viking After years of slavery, subjected to torments of …

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Jenee Edwards Interview

Jenee Edwards

Where do you write? Amazingly, I find the greatest comfort in writing from my home. Is there anything you must have …

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Frank Bukowski Interview

Frank Bukowski

Today we are joined Frank Bukowski, author of Reality TV. Welcome, Frank. Well hello there. For any of our readers …

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Lisa Tillinger Johansen Interview

Lisa Johansen

Tell us a little about yourself and your work. I’m a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in nutritional science. …

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Hannah Fields Interview

Hannah Fields

Tell us a little about yourself and your work. I suppose you could say I’m your typical twenty-something trying to …

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Wanda L. Brown Interview

Wanda L Brown

Tell us a little about yourself and your work. Wanda L. Brown is a mother, friend, financial analyst, volunteer, an …

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John Williams Interview

John Williams

Tell us a little about yourself and your work. I am a fifty-three-year-old, father, musician, and aviation professional. I lead …

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