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Stephanie Milanowski


Clairvoyage: Stories from a highly-sensitive life… – Non-fiction, Paranormal, Ghost Stories, Unexplained Phenomenon, Spirituality

A collection of stories from Stephanie’s life as a highly sensitive, unwitting clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and claircognizant.

Can you hear what other people are thinking? How about using telepathy to communicate with others? Or have you ever been visited by a deceased relative?

CLAIRVOYAGE is about artist and graphic designer Stephanie Milanowski experiencing all these things and more. Most people don’t ever encounter these phenomena, fewer have repeat encounters, and fewer still are able to control and interpret these extrasensory abilities. Imagine a world where psychic abilities and precognition were commonplace; possessed and used by everyone. As a child, that is exactly what Stephanie thought the world was like. She thought her natural, extraordinary abilities were shared by everyone.

Growing up, Stephanie showed a high level of creativity and achievement, which contributed to her isolation making it easier for her to dismiss or hide her abilities. At 43 years of age, after decades of denial and suppressing her capabilities, a chance reading of EXTRAORDINARY KNOWING opened the flood gates of acceptance and ushered Stephanie into a new life of embracing her abilities and using them to help others.

CLAIRVOYAGE takes you on a curated tour of some of the more poignant incidents of high strangeness experienced by the author throughout her life. From her first memory of possessing special gifts to the present day as Stephanie embarks on the next stage of her CLAIRVOYAGE.

Escape on Clairvoyage with a highly-sensitive, unwitting clairvoyant. It’ll leave you questioning — has this ever happened to me?


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