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T S Mercer

jail for the damned

Jail For The Damned – Fantasy, Suspense, Thriller

Your world can change in the blink of an eye.

Newton Supermax, a corrupt and expansive city prison set way out in the desert, is Hell on Earth.

Its streets and crumbling buildings are the refuge of the world’s rejects.

Outside the walls, a vast, anonymous desert teems and crawls with a host of crazies, searching wildly for only one thing: food.

And those prisoners unlucky enough to find themselves trapped inside Newton Supermax are prime prey.

21-year-old Claudi Drive is about to find out how fast an ordered life can turn to chaos.

Newton is no normal prison: its inmates toil day-in, day-out manning the walls, collecting trinkets, and sifting through riverbeds for gold.

Claudi knows that escape means death. The arid desert swallows up all those who flee.

And when she comes across a huge chunk of gold in the river, she is presented with a confounding dilemma:

Run – or be patient, wait it out.

This hunk of precious metal would fund Newton for years to come, providing food and necessary care to its inmates. Without it, they’re doomed to a life of subservience and decay.

What can she do?

Her crew – Joe, Science, Sue-Minn, Moisty – are all behind her. They’ll follow wherever she goes.

But inside the walls of Newton Supermax, there can be no escape.

The prison will haunt you.

Will Claudi be eaten alive?

Or is there recluse from this Jail for the Damned?


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