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Book of the Day: August 17th 2018

The Football Agent

The Football Agent – Comedy, Literary Fiction Rich Dinero is a shark among men. A ruthless football agent who’d kill …

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Book of the Day: August 12th 2018


The Kitchens of Canton – Literary Fiction Jeff Malmquist is unaccountably catapulted to the year 2060. He finds himself in …

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Book of the Day: August 2nd 2018

Off The Grid

Off The Grid: The Catalyst – Literary Fiction, Dystopian A man without a name who called himself Pan wanted something …

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FREE Book of the Day: April 2nd 2018


Living with Markus – Literary Fiction, Contemporary Fiction Forced to choose between cultivating a satisfying life for himself and rescuing …

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Book of the day: February 6th 2018

The Y Called Me Margaret

They Called Me Margaret (Literary Fiction) Cozy mystery writer Margaret Manning thinks her husband may be mimicking the behavior of …

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Book of the day: September 18th 2015

Marc Nash School

Extra-Curricular: Tales Told Out Of School – Short Stories, Literary Fiction Marc Nash’s fifth collection of flash fiction and his …

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Book of the day: September 6th 2015

Sex On The Brain

Sex on the Brain – Comedy, Literary Fiction, Poetry, Short Stories Can you remember your first crush? Your first orgasm? …

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Brian Courtney Interview

Brian Courtney

Tell us a little about yourself and your work. I’ve been writing forever and have written everything from training manuals …

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