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Ty Jones

See Thy Winner Cover copy

See Thy Winner: Hardships and Successes of Winning In A Mystified World – Self-Help

Follow the crowd or follow yourself!

For decades, people struggle to win in life for the pursuit of happiness. Images on television and social media change how people view the world. People often compare themselves to others and alter their self-worth? Imitation and entitlement with little incentive to work on oneself. The tough question to ask: What happened to individualism?

Author Ty Jones shapes the innocence of individuality to create oneself. Ty’s debut “See Thy Winner: Hardships and Successes of Winning in A Mystified World”, delves into the ability to grow without conforming. As likes, emojis, and images are assaulting individuality, Ty Jones urges you to protect your inner self in order to WIN!


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