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Book of the Day: 19th May 2021



Downtown: Starring: Anne Boleyn (Lady Dreamscapes Book 2.5) LGBTQ, Time Travel, Historical Fiction

Nothing lasts forever. Even for a queen.

White picket fence?

Not for me.

I need to be amongst them.

The lights. The crowd.

My place is here. Where I can feel eight million hearts pounding.

The alternative is to be alone with my thoughts.

My name is Anne, and everyone I have ever known is dead.

This Lady Dreamscapes novella leans into the literary fiction and magical realism strands of the series’ DNA. A mother and daughter, no longer separated by 486 years, struggle to connect in the modern world. Road trips! Ghosts?

…and a centuries-old, forgotten power paves the way.

Continuity note:

This story takes place during the last chapter of London Calling. So please read that first. Or not. But I did warn you.

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