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Book of the Day: August 5th 2018

Ellas Secret

ellas secret

Ella’s Secret: An Inspirational Romance

Ella Carmichael needs a job and a roof over her kid’s heads. But to apply at Parker’s Candy Factory, owned by Jason Parker, her ex-fiance, is crazy. She learns at the interview only the position was taken and runs into Jason. Sparks ignite between them. With nothing available at the factory, he offers her a job as a housekeeper at the Parker Mansion, a live-in position. How wise it is to bring her twins to live there when Jason is their father but doesn’t know it? And then, there’s his mother, who broke them up six years ago. Desperate, she accepts the position.

Can Ella and Jason rekindle their love and become the family they always should have been when his mother comes for a visit? Will Ella’s secret about the twins destroy any chance they have? She turns to the guidance of Reverand Foster, who teaches them about forgiveness.

Will Ella and Jason find happiness with faith, hope, and love?

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