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Book of the Day: August 9th 2018



Coasters (Chick-Lit, Commercial Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Contemporary Women’s Fiction)

Where love, fashion and tragedy collide in search of true destiny.

Jennifer Marshall is a textile designer transforming the world of high fashion. She soars in her career, collaborating with top designers to create some of the most innovative textiles and modern successes. But her personal life is bittersweet. She is torn between the love of two men, neither of whom, are fully hers. She carefully guards her personal privacy and her secret double life while trying to steer a path toward clarity and who is really her destiny.
Paul Summers captivates Jennifer with a chemistry that makes her skin tingle, but he is emotionally unavailable. Josh Russo touches her soul at its very core, and from the beginning, they feel like they are old friends.
A tragic accident rips Jennifer from her normal life, fracturing her body, thrusting her into a coma. In this dream state, one perfect mate resides in her mind, and she lives in an idyllic fantasy world filled with mermaid beauty, freedom, and complete love. Their lives go on, unaware of Jennifer’s struggle for her very life, and a new guardian emerges who is determined to know her and bring her back from the brink.
It takes a full circle of time and healing for Jennifer to realize what she had, what she lost, and what really matters.

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