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Book of the Day: November 6th 2018

Stitches BOTD

Stitches – Mystery, LGBT Stitches follows Jim Wolfe, a PTSD-riddled Army Ranger turned private investigator. Between his questionable relationship with …

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Book of the Day: August 16th 2018

Dangerous Magic ACX Cvr

David Finkleman and Dangerous Magic: David Finkleman Mystical Mysteries Series, Book 1 – Fantasy, Middle-Grade, Mystery, Paranormal Welcome to Olympia, …

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Book of the Day: August 10th 2018

HARPER Bully For You

Bully For You: a HARPER mystery (The Harper Mysteries Book 1) – Noir/Mystery, Suspense, Drama “Bully For You” (volume one …

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Book of the Day: August 9th 2018


Coasters (Chick-Lit, Commercial Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Contemporary Women’s Fiction) Where love, fashion and tragedy collide in search of true destiny. …

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Book of the Day: August 6th 2018

The Essence White

The Essence – Mystery, Paranormal A mystery writer battling a bad case of writer’s block encounters some bizarre and unexplainable …

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Book of the Day: March 16th 2018


Avarice – Miracles and Millions: Book One (Suspense, Romance, Supernatural, Mystery) THE MIRACLES AND MILLIONS SAGA Two minds, two bodies, …

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Book of the Day: February 2nd 2018

Venice High

Venice High (Graffiti Art, Mystery, Crime) Sixteen-year-old Den lives in Venice Beach, California with a single mom and haunting memory …

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Book of the day: March 3rd 2017

Agent Colt

Agent Colt: Classified Pride: Colt Information Agency, Volume 1 (Mystery, LGBT) Latesse Colt is a super spy with a gold …

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Book of the day: October 25th 2016

The Diamond Connection

The Diamond Connection – Chick-Lit, Commercial, Mystery, Romance The Diamond Connection; the first in a series of novels about the …

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Book of the day: June 10th 2015


Bounty – Mystery, Paranormal Jill Andersen is one of Baltimore’s best and brightest detectives, but she harbors a dark secret …

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