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Book of the Day: 7th May 2021


DEATH VALLEY: KARMAGEDDON – Fantasy In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, mankind still strives to survive. In Death Valley, a lawless desert …

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Book of the day: 8th December 2019


B-TEAM – Comedy/Humor It was 1993 when these 5 friends were on the Jr Olympic Backup Team, and although they …

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Book of the Day: September 5th 2018

Pimps Paradise

Pimp’s Paradise (Arts & Photography) Growing up in Hollywood I have known many artists, Mickey Avalon is one of my …

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Corin Nemec Interview

Corin Nemec

IBB: Tell us a little about yourself. Corin Nemec: I was born in Littlerock, Arkansas with one older sister and …

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Book of the Day: February 2nd 2018

Venice High

Venice High (Graffiti Art, Mystery, Crime) Sixteen-year-old Den lives in Venice Beach, California with a single mom and haunting memory …

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