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Book Launches

You’ve written your book, and the release date is fast approaching. Feel like you need a helping hand to get the word out – without breaking the bank? We’re here. Panic over. These can also be utilized for books that have already been released that you would like to boost.

We have two new book launch options. There are, as you’ll see from our site’s menu, a 30-day and a 15-day option.

The prices can be found at 30-day and 15-day, and both options include:

A selected number of daily tweets (5 or 10) for the duration of the package to our 110,000+ followers.
An interview for the launch – standard or tailored, depending on the level.
A selected number of Book of the day postings.

Prices start from a ridiculously low $15! Don’t delay booking in though – we’re already closing out future dates.

Many Thanks

Emma, the team, and 110,000+ potential readers.

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