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Book of the day: 16th December 2019



Death in Focus: Passion and photography meet a multimillion-dollar cover-up and murder. (Casey and Carval Book 1) – Crime, Police Procedural

Acclaimed, sexy reality photographer Jamie Carval, desperately searching for a new theme for his next exhibition, stumbles upon dedicated, driven Manhattan detective Casey Clement and her hotshot team at the murder of a brilliant scientist.
Carval instantly decides that the intensity and unity of the team will form an outstanding show, with Casey as its stunning centrepiece. But Casey has hated photographs ever since a jealous fellow-recruit tried to shame her with a stolen copy of a shot from a college party, and she isn’t in the mood to play nice.
As the cops unravel the mess of multimillion-dollar motives for murder, the trail leads them from the research lab to the door of big business.
While Casey hunts for the truth, Carval fights to find a way past Casey’s resistance to his photos and the heat that’s building between them. But when the murderer starts to come into focus, can photographs save the day? 

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