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Book of the Day: 5th June 2021



Death in Frenzy: Secrets lead to lethal results (Casey and Carval Book 4) – Crime, Police Procedural

The fourth novel in the Casey and Carval series.

Jealousy, money, sex – three motives for murder.

Chef John Manoso was gruesomely stabbed in the alley behind his diner, but why? He provoked all three motives in spades. He abused the diner’s staff, secretly enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle, and had a plethora of spurned lovers. Which part of his dangerous existence led to his murder?

Detective Casey Clement’s misfit team of NYPD detectives knows all about jealousy. Their co-workers are bitterly envious of their outstanding reputation. As the stars of celebrated reality photographer Carval’s forthcoming blockbuster exhibition, that’s only going to get worse.

As they hunt for Manoso’s murderer, slanderous rumours circulate about Casey, her team, and her alcoholic father, threatening to ruin Carval’s exhibition and the NYPD’s reputation.

Can the team break the case before the precinct breaks the team? Or will jealousy and murder triumph over the truth? 

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