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Book of the day: 8th July 2020

A We Gather

a we gather

We Gather – Epic Fantasy

1000 years ago, the mighty empire of Barracheh lost its magic. After 9 years of exile, pursued by agents of his twin brother—the emperor—Sathriel may succeed in his quest to recover the secrets of their people’s ancient sorcery.

But everything comes at a cost.

A foreign witch is the only one who understands that Sathriel is reawakening a foe that laid the empire low in its golden age. In the dream of a desert, she will gather a band of champions chosen by her gods, leaders, scholars, and warriors from Barracheh and beyond. Before they can save the world, she’ll have to convince them they’re not enemies.

We Gather is the first installment of this new epic fantasy series. 

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