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Book of the day: August 15th 2016



Spire – Science-Fiction

Joshua has the usual problems of a twenty-something in the not-too-distant future: he tried school–majored in chemistry, drugs for himself–an exploration, and drugs for others–that chemistry degree he was working on, and he still doesn’t know what he wants out of life. Unfortunately, Joshua also has a unique problem with the Collective, the organization that runs the world. He doesn’t know it, but they’re searching for someone that can survive a journey to the next stage of human evolution and he may be the one.

Luckily, Joshua has help on the inside. Eve is running interference with the Watchers and keeping his name off the list, and out of the Leader’s reach. But Joshua’s already been exposed, and it’s only a matter time before no one will be able to contain him. Barnes and Noble

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