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Book of the Day: January 31st 2019



The Infiltrator: Part One – Action, Crime, Science Fiction, Thriller

A freak accident during an arrest leaves decorated agent Arthur Buxton paralysed from the neck down.

Barely adjusting to his new life confined to a wheelchair, he is visited by a representative of a classified cutting-edge government program with an offer too good to turn away. The catch? Having what remains of his entire life erased and losing the chance to ever walk on his own again.

Accepting an offer to install technology in his spine, Arthur is now able to infiltrate the minds of anyone infected with microscopic machines known as nanites, taking complete control of their bodies and preventing the crimes they are committing from ever occurring.

What would you do? Infiltrate a terrorist cell and prevent a catastrophe? Or a gang of kidnappers and save the hostage? Or even stop a bank robbery, all while infiltrating the minds of the criminals?

Is this the future of law enforcement or another shady government organisation bent on completing the mission at any cost​?

One thing is for sure. Arthur is no fool. He knows nothing this amazing comes without a catch, and there is something strange going on at the Agency.

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