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Book of the day: September 6th 2015

Sex On The Brain

sex on the brain

Sex on the Brain – Comedy, Literary Fiction, Poetry, Short Stories

Can you remember your first crush? Your first orgasm? That fateful day you lost your virginity? Have you ever fantasized about making love to a complete stranger? And did you know that orgasms have several health benefits, or that Winston Churchill’s mother slept with half the aristocracy of England? These are just a few of the subjects tackled head on in Sex on the Brain, a collection of poems and short stories about sexual desire, the nuclear fuel at the core of our lives. No one writes about sex like Frank Bukowski. Enter a world of nookie-mad bluebottles and talking sperm, a world where men pick up six-packs of women from the supermarket, and women get to squeeze their men before buying. Don’t expect erotica – good fiction stimulates the mind rather than the genitals. Where erotica leaves nothing to the imagination, Bukowski leaves everything. This thought-provoking, imaginative and often hilarious book examines what it means to be alive in the promiscuous Twenty-First Century. It lifts the lid and peers into the darkness within us all. If you think you don’t like poetry, Bukowski will make you think again. And get the tissues ready, you’ll be laughing all the way.

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