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Book of the Day: 8th April 2020

Dis Bonne Nuit Banner

Dis Bonne Nuit – Science-Fiction, Supernatural, Thriller The end of the world didn’t come with a bang. It came as …

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FREE Book of the Day: November 23rd – 26th 2017

Unusual Tales

Unusual Tales – Young Adult, Short Stories Five strange tales of disturbed characters in unusual situations by

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FREE Book of the Day: June 15th – 17th 2017

Nine Days

Nine Days In Greece: A Katie Collins Romance Book 1 – Romance On the plane she is seated next to …

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FREE Book of the day: April 5th – 7th

War God Rising

War God Rising – Fantasy, Humor Monty Python meets Gladiator! Sand is destined for greatness. Or so a pair of …

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FREE Books of the day: November 24th-25th 2016

The Shift

Connected: The Call (Thriller/Commercial Fiction) Sam loves Ellie, and Ellie loves Sam. They have the perfect marriage. Only, everything that …

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FREE Book of the day: May 18th 2015

Quantum Tangle

Quantum Tangle: Targon Tales, Sethran Book 1 – Science Fiction, Space Opera Dropping out of sub-space into the wrong galactic …

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