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Book of the day: 13th November 2019



Captured Hearts: Unimaginable Choices, Undeniable Desire (Heart Series Book 1) – Contemporary Romance, Suspense

In his secret world, Jamey Marcum had to make difficult choices. Choices that often changed others’ lives. Now he’s made a decision to change one more life. Allee Jones.
Allee Jones is the perfect target. No family. No friends. No one will miss her if she never shows up to her job again. Because of her anxieties, she is a social pariah.
When Jamey abducts Allee, he never imagined she would be the one to slip into his sealed heart, but emotions could get both of them killed. Still, he delivers her to a ruthless woman who enslaves Allee to the whims of deviants and predators in a hidden Pacific Northwest location housing dozens of abducted women.
In the midst of the nightmare she faces, Allee must decide to trust her abductor or face certain death. She can’t explain the odd connection she’s made to the man who grabbed her off the street.
Together they must fight each other’s demons to face their undeniable desire, exposing even more of Allee’s secret afflictions, and neither are prepared for the challenges that reach far beyond what transpired between them.
Terror, guilt, forgiveness, and love all collide on a path to an uncertain future.
This book is intended for audiences over the age of 18.

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